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Writing Personhood: For Adoptees


Why do we need adoptee-only writing spaces?

Adoptee-only spaces are vital to adopted people learning to tell their story through writing.


Though not always recognized by others as such, adoptees are a group of marginalized people who face frequent rejection of their truthful narratives and selves.


We adopted people are used to being silenced and erased, our identities taken, even stolen, from us. Adoptee-only workshops are spaces where through writing, we reclaim our identities, find community, and heal trauma that is so deep we don’t remember it but so real we can’t forget it.


The world needs to hear our stories, and together we will learn to tell them. 


What People Say

It was an honor to be part of Aimee Christian's workshop, Writing Personhood: For Adoptees. It was quite moving for me to be joined in community with other adoptees like me, and to share my experience through my own work, which has blossomed since coming out of my own adoption fog.


Aimee is as skilled a facilitator and coach as they come. She is intuitive and affirming as she helps these novice writers navigate their feelings bringing them life on a blank page. She makes her students feel at ease and safe and, as a guest, made me feel both valued and validated with something important to offer her students.


Rare is the person who has, combined, her own sharpened writing chops, skill as a coach for writers, and an open, empathic heart, which embraces those who are with her, all while creating a safe space to be authentic and truly free. 


That is Aimee Christian.


Mary Cardaras, Author, Ripped At the Root   

“I thoroughly enjoyed Aimee's class! It was warm, engaging, and productive. It was so amazing to be in a community of adoptee writers where we could safely share our stories and experiences. There were great reading assignments, speakers, and writing prompts. I can honestly say that from the writing assignments I uncovered some new insights about my adoptee identity. Would definitely take it again! 


Aimee is a wonderful teacher."

Beth Figuls aka Baby Girl Turan, Writer and Adoptee

“Aimee is a caring and compassionate teacher who helps her students write better and deeper. She helps students understand their past to improve their present." 

Yvonne Liu, Writer and Adoptee

"This class is valuable for all kinds of personal writing on identity, personal history, and relationship, especially for those considering memoirs or short personal pieces. You explore writing in a safe forum with others who understand the ache and complexity of having grown up separated from one's family of origin. Aimee's teaching, the readings, and guest speakers are thought-provoking and encouraging."

Kris Gilbert, Adoptee and Writer

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