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I'm Aimee. I like birds. I am from New York City and now live in Massachusetts, am a parent to two glorious kiddos, work and teach and read and walk and stretch and dance and love life. I make a lot of lists and like pens and notebooks and backpacks. 

I am a white, domestic adoptee. I was born at the tail end of the Baby Scoop Era, exactly 11 days before Roe v Wade was decided in January of 1973 and adopted six months later through Louise Wise Services in New York City. I was in reunion with my birth parents before they both died too young, one of inexplicable health complications at 56, the other by suicide at 60. But that was not enough to bring me out of the fog and keep me out. Starting to write a full-length memoir was what did it because it forced me to look at what adoption really is and what it does to everyone involved. 

I write, edit, and teach primarily memoir and creative nonfiction. I have a master's of education and am passionate about teaching as much as I am about writing. I founded this site to work with other adoptees, former foster youth, and relinquished people because I believe that teaching writing and storytelling to other adoptees in an actively inclusive, antiableist, antiracist way so that we can heal and adoption as it exists stops happening is one of the most important things I can do. 

Most adoptees share so much pain and loss. Our individual stories might be different, but in many ways we are alike. You don't have to have any writing experience to be in these classes and it's great if you have lots. You will feel right at home no matter your level as a writer. Join us!

xoxox Aimee 

PS: There's more about me, my writing, and my classes here.

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