I'm Aimee.

I'm a domestic, tail-end-of-the Baby Scoop Era adoptee. I was born eleven days pre-Roe and surrendered immediately at birth. I spent six months in multiple foster homes before being adopted through Louise Wise Services and raised as an only child in New York City. I reunited with both of my birth parents, who have both died young, one of unexpected health issues, the other by suicide. 

I love birds. 

I write, edit, and teach primarily memoir and creative nonfiction but have experience with fiction as well. ​Among other classes on my website and at writing centers like GrubStreet and Hugo House, I founded this site to work with other adoptees and relinquished people because writing my story and teaching writing to other adoptees are the most important things I can do. Most adoptees share so much pain and loss. Our stories might be different, but in many ways we are alike. 

I'm an experienced teacher with a master's of education trained in both K-12 and adult classroom education. I teach all levels of creative writing. I am also an expert developmental editor and copyeditor, writing and accountability coach, curriculum developer, and trained meeting facilitator. 
I'm queer, a native New Yorker, a parent, and a spouse, raising two daughters I birthed, one of whom is disabled. We are navigating disability and disability advocacy together.

Please take a look through this site and my personal one to see what I've written, the other classes I teach, and the services I offer. Reach out to me at thewriteaimee@gmail.com with any questions about anything you see!

xoxox Aimee