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A Story Of Love

by April Quinlan

Twitter: @AprilSheWill

Recovery begins with my three-week-old relinquishment. It is a childhood spent running through summer sprinklers trying to remember in blades of grass, canopies of pines, and radiating sunbeams: Is that her? Who is he? It is a story about learning to forgive, turning toward a self that is wounded, pained, and

hallowed, and making the choice to live—deciding I will be. My love

story is an acceptance of my lingering cloud of sadness, the shade of

moodiness that some days weighs me down just enough that I don’t

float away with my unformed thoughts and half-words. It is both a grief

and a comfort that passes through my body as my body passes through

the world because they are everywhere and so am I. My story, told

through the aperture of loss, is love itself.

the author's first parents, courtesy April Quinlan


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